35 Years of Grace

    North West Bible Conference 2015 messages, John Woodhouse and John Paterson

    What is worship? And how should we do it?

    The book of 2 Thessalonians

    North West Bible Conference 2014 messages.

    Four sermons from the book of Malachi.

    What does Jesus say about life?

    Four sermons from the book of Ruth.

    Three sermons on Christian trials.

    North West Bible Conference 2013 messages.

    Select passages from Deuteronomy.

    The book of Revelation.

    Select passages from the Sermon on the Mount.

    Christmas narrative from Luke's gospel.

    Psalms 103 & 139.

    The book of 1 Corinthians.

    Who is the church for?  What should it look like?  Who determines?

    Sermons from Exodus 1-20.

    North West Bible Conference 2012 messages.

    Sermons on different issues relating to "family".

    Parables from Luke's Gospel.

    Four sermons from Colossians 1-2.

    Sermons from Proverbs 4:20-27.

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