Our aim is to bring glory to God, as we know and serve Jesus Christ.  We want to have a church where he is honoured and enjoyed, and where his supremacy is displayed, and to make him known to others.  To do this, we aim to explain the Bible clearly, and to take to heart what it says.  We value the privilege of explaining what it says to others, that they also know him.


When we belong to Christ, we belong to the people of Christ.

This double-belonging works out primarily in the life of the local church, which is the focal point of God's plan for displaying the glory of Christ to the world.  Members in Trinity Church, Tamworth, formally express that belonging by covenanting together.

We believe we have been brought by the grace of God to repent of our sins and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord.  Relying on his grace to help us, we hereby covenant with each other as the body of Christ in Trinity Church:

  • We affirm that Christ alone is head of the church which he bought with his own blood.  We therefore commit to live together under his Word, the Bible, the supreme and only true authority in every matter of life and faith.
  • We will regularly meet together as the body of Christ to display his glory and edify others.  We will fulfil our responsibilities in this body, according to our gifts and opportunities.
  • We commit to work loyally with one another to support a biblical teaching ministry in this Church, and to extend the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our wider community, and play our part in taking it throughout the world.
  • We will encourage, pray for, and submit to the elders of this Church, that they might lead us and live among us in a way that is pleasing to Christ.  We will urge them to teach the whole counsel of God.  We accept that the teaching in Trinity Church will be in accord with the system of doctrine in the Westminster Confession of Faith.
  • We will pursue holiness in our own lives and in the church, saying ‘no’ to ungodliness, and ‘yes’ to what is upright and godly, having been redeemed by Jesus Christ to be a people for himself.
  • We will gladly work and pray to maintain our unity in Christ.  We will walk together in brotherly love, affectionately and responsibly caring for one another.  We will pray for each other, rejoice in each other’s joys, and tenderly bear each other’s burdens and sorrows.
  • We make this covenant and commitment, by God’s enabling, and for his glory.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all.  Amen.

Salvation's Signs

In line with historic Protestant practice, Trinity Church observes 2 sacraments only: baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  The Lord’s Supper is held bi-monthly, and baptisms administered on request.  Participation in both sacraments is conditional upon a credible profession of faith. 

Valid baptism is administered to:

  • infants on the basis of such a profession in one or both parents (sometimes called ‘paedobaptism’); and to
  • others, on the basis of their own profession (sometimes called ‘credobaptism’).

A ‘baptism’ conducted by a cult, or a non-evangelical church, is not considered valid.  In such cases, a ‘re-baptism’ within Trinity Church is considered a first baptism.

Those seeking covenant membership in Trinity Church are invited to be baptised if they have not already been validly baptised.

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We would love to welcome you to Trinity Church, Tamworth!  We meet Sundays, 9:30am at 3 Craigends Lane, Hillvue.  Vistors are always welcome!


You are most welcome to use any of the resources you find on this website.  We have also made available our sermons and NWBC bible talks free for downloading and listening offline.

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Our aim is to bring glory to God, as we know and serve Jesus Christ. Feel free to contact us at anytime via phone, email or leave your details with us and we will get back to you.